Careers in Mathematics

Why Should I Study Math?

Have you ever wondered what jobs use math? Or have you asked the ubiquitous question, "When will I ever use math?" If so, then keep reading. The list of careers that involve mathematics is long. In fact, it is much longer than most people have ever imagined.

What Can I Do With A Degree In Math?

The range of careers available to mathematics majors is extremely broad. Interdisciplinary knowledge is often crucial to finding nonacademic careers in mathematics. Mathematics graduates most often hold jobs with titles that rarely reflect the presence of mathematics. Mathematicians commonly work as actuaries, software engineers, computer analysts, and statisticians. There are many opportunities for employment in government, business, and industry for mathematicians. These include fields such as banking, communications, electronics, mathematical programming, and operations research.

For entry-level positions, many employers accept candidates with bachelor's degrees, but ask that those candidates have interdisciplinary experience such as math and computer science, or math and economics. Mathematicians who are well versed in a second discipline fare better in the job market than those without interdisciplinary experience.

The nation's largest employer of mathematicians is the National Security Agency. Other major employers include the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Bureau of the Census, the New York Stock Exchange, and Mathematica Inc/Wolfram Research.

Links to Careers in Math Information

Careers in Math brochure

The We Use Math website is one of the most comprehensive math career sites on the Internet. This is truly a must-see site for anyone who has ever asked, "When will I use math?"

SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) has prepared a guide to careers in applied mathematics, which you can read online. You can also download their Careers in Math brochure by clicking the image at the right.

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